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An Intro to Insanity.

February 12, 2012

wet back a derogatory term used for Mexicans living in the United States. A name created for one crossing a river to a foreign land.
So if one Crosses entire Oceans to other Foreign lands what does that make him..?

I have been to many random places and different countries on my own
all before I have even turned 21.
When my Travels and adventures do get brought up in conversation I usually have a long ordeal of explanations and story telling I have to do. And I have had quite a few people tell me I should try my hand at writing, so screw it whats the worst that could happen? And hell if Jeebus and the great Buddah  loves me enough I can even get a bitching book deal or something.
(*mind wanders to rooms full of Alcohol and scantly clad women.)

And if no one does read this blog it will be something interesting to show my grand kids ( if i live that long) on how grandpa was more than just some crazy old ass Mexican that pinches the hot nurses ass all day long

So ladies and gents  the grand Pancho welcomes you into his audience.


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One Comment
  1. El Tigre China permalink

    Rooms full of Alcohol and scantly clad women..huh? Dunno if that’s gonna happen.. but I promise you some ass-kicking once you get your brwon ass to the bed:o

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