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Press Start to Begin

February 12, 2012

Every Story has a beginning, and an end. ( which wont happen until I am 160 yrs old surrounded by super models on a big bed or so I dream)
I always had a kind of itch for adventure. Ever since I could remember I saw movies and read books where one goes on a great journey to far and great lands. To all kinds of Crazy shit from frozen wastelands to tropical paradises. I also had a father who had  a love of foreign places and languages who yearned to travel, but financially could not. He always talked about far away lands and beautiful cities and how he dreamed of seeing them. He also talked about jungles and oceans he wished to explore and experience, naturally This too filled my hunger to get out into the unknown.

I was born In Los Angeles CA to two  illegal immigrant parents, ( give me all your hate of immigrants and trolling in the comments section that stuff is fun to read :P).
any way as such one grows up with out to much luxuries, but LA being an international city there was people from all parts of  the world, and many languages buzzed by on a daily bases. I myself could not speak much English until the third grade in school. But one thing any one had was Movies lots and lots of  video rental stores where my father loved to rent movies and watch them with his family. A lot of them  were action flicks which my father loved and all the awesome car chases and fight scenes through the cities just made me marvel and wish i could do the same. ( hey some kids want to be super man some want to be jackie chan or jean claude van damme spin kicking dudes in the face.)
Any way it was always rowdy in my house with my brother and our friends.
Years go by and eventually we move out of LA to Summit County Colorado. A beautiful (cold), nice, (cold), Breath taking ( really fucking cold), Scenic ( i think my penis froze off) place. At first I was excited to be here! like holy shit!  look it all this awesome snow and ice lets go sledding to Fuck this place hard just fuck it i hate being stuck on planet hoth kind of shit.
but the pay was good and crime and gangs are almost non existent.
First time in my life I saw a classroom (beside TV) full of white people and me being the Hershey kiss in an ocean of milk.
Well things go alright for several years but one does start to become bored and all work and no play starts  to make jack a boring boy.

So my brown ass decides to go back to good old mexico for  about a year around the time I was 16 yrs of age.
My parents were a bit uneasy about , the idea but in the end the gave me the green light. So off i was back to Mexico to study with a cute ( and naughty) school girlish glee.


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