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Lets Get ready to Rumble!

February 14, 2012

“When you fall off a horse, sometimes you got to get back up on it”

Fall seven times, stand up eight.
– Japanese Proverb

*Warning the following posts has excessive links to awesome stuff if you are faint of heart please consult with your doctor before reading this post you have been warned. EWB does not take any legal or moral responsibility of injury or death upon continuing .

On one of the previous posts of EWB our cosmic crusader, our valiant hero, our pinnacle of hope, our lovable alcoholic the Grand Panchoz was attacked and defeated by the evil and Dastardly Mariquas.
With his pride broken along with maybe some of his ribs, he decided that he needed a rematch.
He needed to go into the esposito zone

He was going to need a montage

any way i took two weeks to recover and kept working out and training, as well as watching all of Bruce Lees films and getting super pumped at kicking some ass.

Finally the time as come….

annnnnnnnndddddddd i get my ass kicked again, well I didn’t go out like a punk this time I landed a few good hits, but i still got pounded on.  Now normal sane people would have given up at this point, I am not one of them.
Like I said i grew up watching all kinds of action flicks as a kid, and my dad being former Mexican Army Special forces i  kind of had a pride thing mixed in with utter stupidity.
So I ask my self  WWJCD?

Of course Jean Claude would have punched him in the dick doing the splits, so thats what i set out to try to do again, minus the splits and groin part, but the punching part sounded sweet.

So of to training again, but this time I needed to kick it up a notch, this time I needed to go to the Danger Zone

So i took Three weeks this time, Trained a bit harder punched some boards and sand bags to toughen and harden my fists. And i got even more super pissed off and super pumped by watching this clip like 50 million times

I felt like I was ready so out I went for the PPV event of the day
The Malicious Mariquas Vs The Grand Panchoz III

Some people say the third time is the charm.
Then again some people need to shut the fuck up. I didn’t lose per say, was actually a draw. I threw some good punches as was doing quite well in the beginning. Was Countering most of what he threw at me got cocky ,and went for the photo finish knock out punch.
Bad Idea.
He saw it coming a mile away parried it, and countered it with a solid blow that broke my nose. And ever since then my nose has been crooked because i failed to set it back in properly.

Maybe I need to quit while I am still Ahead?
to be continued


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