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West meets East Pt1

February 14, 2012

*Well when I first started writing I figured i would write everything out in a Chronological order, but I am too unorganized so I will get back  to Mexico In later posts, which will be called Lets get ready to Rumble.
coming soon to cheap blog near you.

I came back From Mexico  slightly wiser and older, or so i thought.
I was 17 now and had no Idea what I wanted to do with my life. Really had no direction, One of my good friends Borrego was Leaving for the military, Specifically The Marine Corps. It was summer Time and my friend did not ship out until the End of it. He invited me out to go work out with him and train a bit before he left. I had nothing better to do and said screw it why not. Borrego and I would train almost everyday, and get Drunk and play xbox at his house.  It went a little something like this

When  finally the conversation goes like this.

BO: ” Hey pancho have you ever thought of joining the military?
GP: “not really”
BO: ” Come on there are a lot of  good benefits like free education”

GP: ” well….”
BO:”And there are  a lot off jobs that might suit your crazy ass”
So I was sold I thought about enlisting into the Marine Corps, Borrego told me his recruiter was kind of lazy as fuck… he was right
I put a lot of calls out and never really got one back, except for one day an Air Force recruiter comes to my school.
He was AF Special Forces and some how he convinced me to visit the Air Force recruiting office.
Sat down they got me a lot of the paper work ready right away. They were really fast and efficient. They got me to the MEPS center in colorado to do my ASVAB test and Physical exam.
My eyesight sucked , but was told I could get Free Eye surgery after I join and wait less than a year to re apply and transfer jobs (hehehe damn was I naive.).
So I signed up to be a Jet Engine Mechanic but had almost two years of wait time before I got shipped off to training.
I had lots of free time now there was two options. I could either study or Travel. I had lots of money to buy a sweet car saved up since I was 14, but no buying a sweet ride seemed like a stupid Idea especially if I would deploy a lot.
And then I realized paying out of pocket for my education would be dumb since the government would pay for it. So travel it is , but where?
It was time to grab a globe spin it around and write down where my hand landed on it, I wish i had a more intricate or sophisticated method and I more often than not landed in the middle of an ocean ><
. Any way wrote them down on a list and started to do research on every single one.

In the End Korea and Japan Were the only ones left Standing.


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