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You’re The Best Around!

March 17, 2012

Every one loves an underdog story,
Holly Wood is full of them. Even if it is about two dumb ass Mexican Teenagers trying to settle a pissing contest. You still root for the smaller (Handsomer?) one.
Now back to the story.

Round 3 was basically a draw, good punches were thrown by both sides, but neither one of was really standing.
It should have been time to call it quits, enough injuries and wasted time over a stupid spat. That should have been then end of it, but teenage boys are as dumb as fucking rocks. I decided that I had to beat him once, before I would stop this retarded rivalry.

I needed to  pull out the stops from this one and not pull any punches and pull my self up by the boot straps and get things done, i had the wool pulled oer my eyes, and something something with pull in it.

Back to training some more

Gave my self 2 more weeks to prepare. Then the day came…

We bumped into each other outside in a small alley way between the school buildings. Our eyes met (no homo), a slight pause and small breeze pushed random discarded plastic bags infront of us it was  quiet for a moment.

The calm before the storm, the buffalo wings before the pizza, the shitty movie previews before the actual film.

A crow cawed it was time.
I sprinted forward, bad moe he punched me straight in the face, ouch! holy balls ouch! That stopped me for a brief second ith his fist still on my face, i picked up my rear leg and hit him square in the family jewels. I swore i heard the theme to the nut cracker for a moment.
He dropped to his knees (no homo) and i dropped an elbow to  the back of his head, then falcon punced me  in the gut pretty fucking hard. And then i receied another one to the dome. But luckily for me i grabbed his hair and started pounding his head on the wall of the alley way. We were both figthing dirty, all rules of a decent scuffle were thrown out the window. He clocked me again in the side of the head ( maybe all this brain trauma is what leads to all my bad descion making?), as i fell back i reared my leg and kicked him square in the face, he was no longer on  his knees but he was down on the floor.
I mustered all the energy and  coherency i had left to stand up i leaned on the wall MC was down. I did it I won, but as soon as the fight was over there really wasnt any prize or crowd of cheering people or prize just two retarded boys in an alley way one on the floor and one barely standing was all that was left. I had a small sense of acomplishment but all said and done it really was worth the trouble or injuries. The next day a battered and bruised MC comes up to me.

MC: you fight really good for a punk
GP: Thanks i guess
MC: We could use a guy like you in our clique
GP: eh fuck it why not it beats beating each other uhhh that sounded kind of gay so umm no homo
MC: that didnt sound gay until you said that
GP: welll ummm any way im in
MC: word

and that is how i became the best around and became friends with MC.
MC and i would later on get in some crazy advventures until his mysterious disapperance several years later but thats a nother story for another day, same bat time same bat channel


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