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Happy bday to me

March 18, 2012

Just turned 21 years old, I would have been stoked , but i am not i mean when you turn 21 in a foreign country ,andi hae  have legally been drinking in bars since you were 16 yrs old , the magic of turning 21 is kind of lost 😦 I mean back in the states anyone turns 21 the bar buys drinks and stuff for people, oh well such is life. any way important lessons I learned last night

– Beer plus tequila shots being dropped in them does not make it a bomb or something revolutionary it’s just a bad idea a really bad idea – moscow mules plus tequila shots poured in them for an extra kick another bad idea – free tequila in an open bar bad idea

– me and tequila another bad idea

woke up on the side of the road covered in cuts and bruises and some dried blood wondering what the hell happend. The problem is no one else at my party remembers every one was equally shit faced, but i was told my good friends stopped me from getting a tatto in the back alley of the bar (classy i know huh?) oh well i lived another year
so the score is

Grim Reaper/ Mother nature (they hae to tag team me becuase they are to scared wimps): 3/4

So suck it mother nature you crazy bitch and suck on dat you crazy hood wearing farm carrying tool anorexic mother fucker

any way tha aaa aaats alll for now folks


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