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Panchoz’s first military Xmas

December 20, 2014

On cold nights like this during the holidays and with a nice cold drink in hand I not so fondly remember My first Christmas in the military.

I was in tech school, In Sheppard AFB in the middle of butt fucking nowhere Texas.
Most people were leaving for Xmas exodus, where they could use some leave to go home for the holidays and see their families. I was a cheap bastard and wanted to save my leave, since graduation was only 4 weeks away. How bad could it be?

Well they got all the other guys that were not leaving the base for xmas on the first floor. I got to keep my room on the third floor since I was an original resident of the building so room mates or nothing pretty sweet except I was the only guy on that floor. Shit was eerily quiet most of that day and I really boring days when we didn’t have chores I would pretend I was in a zombie apocalypse and barricade my room or certain sections of the hall with furniture.

We had some chires during the day but they were cake as fuck and we only had to sign in in once a day usually we could get them all done in the span of an hour or two and be free all day.

Except for the shitty chore of taking all the nasty linens and depositing in the store closet for the cleaning vans to come. I could only imagine how much bodily fluid were in those things. so many lonely airmen on so many lonely nights. so us and the guys got a bunch of shovels and proceeded to move mount jizz stain with as much as our dignity could stay intact.

All of us left behind celebrated Xmas together. by opening the gifts we bought ourselves and drank shitty cheap vodka and Gatorade together while watching old dvds and some anime? i dont really remember that night to well, but i do remember the hardcore hangover from that vodka the next day.

New years was the same we went out to a shitty local club, I wore some of the nice clothes i bought myself and had an alright time smoked some cheap cigars with some friends and drank some cheap booze. We had to later bribe a bouncer to let our drunk friend go and return his id so we could get back to base and sleep.

got some ribs from the back of a truck pretty good, I guess texas is the only place you can buy Decent BBQ from the back of a truck.

so yeah that was my first military Xmas mostly boredom and cheap gatorade and vodkas.

happy holidays Everyone, remember the secret is 1/3 vodka 2/3 blue or light blue gatorade


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